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Hi everyone!! I just want to say hello, a little bit about myself and what I’ll be talkin’ about! My name is Macey. I’m a Junior at Oklahoma State University, GO POKES!! I’m from a very small town in central Oklahoma, named Crescent. Movin’ to Stillwater for school was like movin’ to the city, as much as Stillwater can be the city. I love sports, music, friends, my sisters, family and God!  This blog is about small town problems if you haven’t guessed LOL I’m from a very small town, and there are many things that happen in my everyday life at home that most of my friends think are bizarre. Things like drought, cattle prices, crop prices, fuel prices and a million other things affect so many people that live in rural towns throughout the United States. This blog is goin’ to talk about issues that are important not only to small towns, but that also indirectly effect the world. There might be a few funny stories along the way about my friends’ ridiculous questions or about me and my family growin’ up, but these issues are the livelihood of so many of my family friends that it’s very dear to my heart.