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3rd Grade Life


Here’s a look into how third graders and third grade teachers go about their life at school!


What’s So Important About Corn Anyway??


Corn is important because it is in so many things that we eat and use everyday! Everything animal feed to the things we eat everyday like cereal have corn in it! Even the pop we drink has corn as one of the ingredients!

The good news is the Department of Agriculture came out with new estimated numbers showing 206 million more bushels of corn in surplus than they previously thought! Everyone was concerned earlier in the season that we would not have enough corn stores, but things are looking up!

This is not only good for farmers who thought their crops were not going to produce as well as they need to, but also to the average person because it will drive prices down for food eventually. There’s about a six month lead time so initially prices might seem a little higher, but eventually they will drop.

Be thankful for the increased numbers in surplus! The price of crops, especially crops like corn, effect us in more ways than we can count! Keep up with the markets, they effect your future and how much money you’re gonna end up spending.

And That Effects Me Because…..???


It is important, especially in today’s farming/ranching economy, not to waste anything, ESPECIALLY a hot commodity like feed! With the way parts of the country has been dealin’ with drought lately, it’s so important to be conscious of what is used, how it is used, and when it is used.

A big concern right now is not having enough seed to be able to afford to plant next year to even make feed. I don’t know if ya’ll realize, but we have a shortage in plantin’ seed. If we can’t figure out a way to get the seed we need, we might have to import the seed from outside the country, which would raise our prices. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I think prices are enough as it is.

Just because we have an excess of world supplies of seed and prices are trendin’ down in markets for things like wheat, does not mean that as the United States, we are where we need to be. So watch what you use, be conscious of what will happen if we waste too much, and pray that the drought doesn’t cause too many shortages in seed so our prices won’t raise too much more!