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Playing Santa to Your Santa Claus


Christmas time is a great time to lay back, relax, bake cookies, spread holiday cheer, and do a million other things. My favorite thing is to shop for everyone’s Christmas presents. Now I know what you’re thinking, “She’s a female and she’s in a sorority, of COURSE she likes shopping.” Well I’ll be the first to admit that I love a good shopping trip, but the reason I like Christmas shopping is because I get to think about what I want to get each person on my list.

If any of you have farmers in your family, you know the struggle it can be to get something that’s useful and cool, like a socket wrench (I’ve always thought they were so fun to play with), for “your farmer” as my momma puts it. This year there are several things on my list to get the farmer in my life, my dad. Through the years I’ve learned that it’s not necessarily how much the gift costs, but the usefulness of the gift. The best example I can think of is a pocket knife. There’s no self-respecting small town guy that doesn’t have a pocket knife to pull out and use at the drop of a hat.

The most important thing to remember when you’re buying your farmer a gift is to keep it practical and make it from the heart. I know that sounds corny, but it’s the truth! If they know how much thought you put into their gift, they’ll think about you every time they use that tool!


How To…


Want to know how to make an easy craft?? Look no further! Here’s a wonderful How To video of How To… Mod Podge Letters for Your Bedroom.

What’s the Value??


All across the country farmers are thrilled! The Federal Reserve Banks of Chicago and Kansas City released data indicating that there has been a huge increase in farmland values that hasn’t happened in a few decades. Who knew the land that looks the same year in and year out could have such a great increase in value! While the major value jumps are in the Corn Belt, there is an increase in Oklahoma as well. I know the men at home are so thrilled to see things get back “to the way they used to be.”

I think the greatest thing about this increase is that it gives hope to the farmers. I know how discouraging it is sometimes to work hard for your crops to produce, but instead they burn up in a drought or get pounded away by rain and storms. This increase will keep some people going, and give them their drive back.

This is not only helping farmers, it’s helping ranchers as well. Ranch land is increasing in value as well. It’s not making the leaps and bounds that farmland is, but it’s getting there. Since my family does both, I understand how much this increase helps the agriculture community. With all the trouble and heartbreak that many farmers and ranchers were forced to endure because of the drought throughout Oklahoma this summer, this news is like a breath of fresh air.

Orange….I don’t know about this….


Eggs are not my favorite thing in the world. However, being raised in a small town has forced me to eat them on more than one occasion. Through the years, I’ve grown to like different types of eggs, but I rarely crave them. When I do want eggs, I make sure they’re farm fresh eggs. Some people don’t care for them as much because of the bright yellow yolks, but I think they taste so much better. The first time I saw my mom crack them, I kinda freaked out! At home we use store eggs for cooking, and farm eggs for eating. What some people don’t realize is the benefits of eating fresh eggs. The dark yellow or orange yolks are a good thing that are said to provide you with a lot more omega-3 than commercial eggs give you.

Eggs are just good for you all around. They not only taste good (to most people anyway), but provide you with a lot of nutrients.  The thing that we think of the most when eating eggs is the amount of protein you are able to get. Eggs are also a great source of Choline, which is a key component in fatty structures of cell membranes and helps with various body functions.

The price of farm fresh eggs are sometimes a concern for many people. While it may be cheaper to buy commercial eggs from the store, the extra dollar for farm fresh eggs totally wins the battle. I know from experience that farm fresh eggs taste and make anything you eat so much better. If my mom makes eggs for breakfast on Saturdays when I’m home, I can always tell if we’ve ran out of “real eggs” as they’re called in my house.  If you have never tried farm fresh eggs, better known as “organic eggs” to some, I strongly suggest you try them! You’ll be in for a pleasant surprise!

Do I or Don’t I??


Do I or don’t I? That is the question that many farmers ask themselves every time it’s time to plant again. Using fertilizer on a farmers crops can be a huge financial strain on farmers because fertilizer prices keep going up. There has been a huge increase in price over the past year. If a farmer uses fertilizer on his or her crops, the benefits may not outweigh the costs at the current time.

Just like with anything, there are pros and cons to using fertilizer. One of the pros of fertilizer is it gives extra nutrients to the crops to hopefully make them produce more. There are many reasons that farmers use fertilizers, but the main reason is for them to gain the advantage financially. Fertilizer helps crops grow. The better the crop brought in, the more money a farmer will make. One new way many farmers are fertilizing is using manure. It’s a great way to be eco-friendly and save some money in the process.

One of the cons of fertilizer besides the cost is the way fertilizer is how it can effect the environment. There are many chemicals in fertilizer, so many people are trying to go to a more organic way. However, many times, people get fooled by fertilizers that claim to be organic but are not.

Whether you are pro or con fertilizers, think about the economic restrictions that come with fertilizers. Fertilizers are expensive, but produce more crops. If you want to be organic, it costs even more to produce. It becomes a  matter of having a surplus of food vs. the costs of fertilizers.