What’s the Value??


All across the country farmers are thrilled! The Federal Reserve Banks of Chicago and Kansas City released data indicating that there has been a huge increase in farmland values that hasn’t happened in a few decades. Who knew the land that looks the same year in and year out could have such a great increase in value! While the major value jumps are in the Corn Belt, there is an increase in Oklahoma as well. I know the men at home are so thrilled to see things get back “to the way they used to be.”

I think the greatest thing about this increase is that it gives hope to the farmers. I know how discouraging it is sometimes to work hard for your crops to produce, but instead they burn up in a drought or get pounded away by rain and storms. This increase will keep some people going, and give them their drive back.

This is not only helping farmers, it’s helping ranchers as well. Ranch land is increasing in value as well. It’s not making the leaps and bounds that farmland is, but it’s getting there. Since my family does both, I understand how much this increase helps the agriculture community. With all the trouble and heartbreak that many farmers and ranchers were forced to endure because of the drought throughout Oklahoma this summer, this news is like a breath of fresh air.


About macebwilson

Hi! I'm a 20-year-old college student at Oklahoma State University. I came from a very small town in central Oklahoma and all my friends think I "live in the boonies." I love sports, music, friends, family, and God! I like to think I have an unique outlook on what it's like to move from the small town to the city, or at least as much as you can call Stillwater the city.

I love your opinions and comments!

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