Revolutionizing Farming One John Deere at a Time


Everyone has something they get excited about. For most people in small towns across the united states, it’s when a new make of farm equipment is introduced. Everyone covets the person in town who just happens to “need” a new tractor or combine when the new make is scheduled to come out.

John Deere just released the launch of the new 6R Series Tractors. This series replaces the 6030 Premium Tractors. While added comfort is a plus for farmers, the appeal of the tractors is the versatility of the tractors for the amount of horsepower they have. John Deere has added lots of fun, new gadgets like a touchscreen display and Adaptive Hydraulic Cab suspension.

While new tractors don’t make everyone jump for joy, it makes this small town girl fascinated. There’s nothing like seeing a new tractor drive down the road outside of town. The way tractors have progressed in recent years, it has made the life of farmers much more comfortable. Harvest is cut considerably quicker with the improvements in horsepower.


About macebwilson

Hi! I'm a 20-year-old college student at Oklahoma State University. I came from a very small town in central Oklahoma and all my friends think I "live in the boonies." I love sports, music, friends, family, and God! I like to think I have an unique outlook on what it's like to move from the small town to the city, or at least as much as you can call Stillwater the city.

I love your opinions and comments!

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