Going Home for Spring Break Can Still Be Fun


From the life of this SmallTownGirl…

Spring Break. The time in spring semester, when co-eds get an entire week off to do whatever they want.

While a lot of my friends made a wonderful little road trip down the to the magical place, Destin, Florida. I have only managed the trip once, but I fell in love with the beach on my trip. It was nice, warm and beautiful.

This Spring Break however, I went home. I didn’t get to live the glam life of some of my friends, but I did manage to have a great time! I originally simply planned on going home, hanging out with my family and working on some work so I could get ahead.

Little did I know that my grandmother (Mamoo) and my mother were scheming to get all the women in our family together for a little family gathering. We ended up going down to Oklahoma City to stay in a hotel, shop and just do whatever we wanted. The woman in the family hadn’t done anything together in while, so it was nice. We used to rent a condo in Branson, Misssouri, but once we got bigger, everyone’s schedules didn’t really work out.

While our trip was not extravagant by any means, I still had a great time hanging out with my family! It made me realize once again that it doesn’t matter where you go or what you do. Memories consist of those you make them with, and the feeling you had when you were with those people. My family are those people for me. I don’t know if that makes me “small town,” normal or weird, but that’s how I feel.

We’ll talk more next week. Until then, reach for the stars without forgetting about your roots.


About macebwilson

Hi! I'm a 20-year-old college student at Oklahoma State University. I came from a very small town in central Oklahoma and all my friends think I "live in the boonies." I love sports, music, friends, family, and God! I like to think I have an unique outlook on what it's like to move from the small town to the city, or at least as much as you can call Stillwater the city.

I love your opinions and comments!

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